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From Liz S.

Annie has always been a help with my animals in a very holistic way. From catching my sheep's low immune system at a glance, when walking through the field, to helping me and my faithful dear old cat Willow come to terms with his passing.

Annie's lovely way with animals and also their human friends, makes a big difference in all kinds of circumstances. She gives healing not only to the animals but to their worried owners too. I was in a very bad way and it was making my cat worse. Once Annie had helped me with her words of wisdom and healing, and given my poorly cat some too, it changed my outlook, and Willow's, and we began to get stronger and happier, and towards the end he had a beautiful passing. We had shared some really precious and humorous moments.

I find this healing work is very important in my life and I can recommend it to anyone who loves animals very deeply.

Liz S. Derbyshire

From A Yeates.


I was desperate, I'd been advised to have my horse put down.  My lovely Noli couldn't seem to stand or walkproperly.  Her back legs had a mind of their own.  I was afraid that she'd fall and not be able to get up again.  Even though I was sceptical, I'd heard about Annie's work and phoned her. She asked for a photo so she could connect with my horse, said she would send her healing three times over the next week and asked me to keep an eye on what happened.

After a day I could see an improvement, Noli was standing straighter. As the week went on she got better and better.  I could hardly believe it, she was so different.  By the end of the week she was virtually cured.  I rang and told Annie the good news and just mentioned something unusual.

Although it had been exceptionally hot that week, my horse had left her normal spot in the field, her favourite for several years and had stood in the hot sun facing the moor some 3 miles away.  Imagine how I felt when Annie very quietly told me something that I hadn't known. She had been on that moor, talking to Noli and sending her healing.  I didn't know that, but that didn't matter, because far more importantly, my horse got the message and responded to it.

A. Yeates. - High Peak

From J. C. Faulkener

Dogs have been a part of our family for many years, so we envisaged few problems when we adopted a nine month old puppy.  How naive can you get?

Once the paws were under the table, she became bossy and dominant, with an urge to supplant me as alpha female.  Tess showed few social skills with other dogs and so it went on.

Not quite end of my tether because I contacted Annie almost immediately.  We knew her and her work well through our other animals.  In fact she'd helped to keep our beloved greyhound well for almost 3 years, despite Rosie developing a supposedly invasive tumour, which incidentally sort of didn't come back after Annie got on the case.

Back to Tess.  Annie came to see her and I left them to it whilst they had a "chat".  After this Tess seemed much calmer.  Annie promised to do some distance work with her over the next few days.

That night I was able to take my lovely pup for a walk, let her off the lead in a field and SHE CAME BACK!!  It's geting better daily and so we can all get on with life more happily thanks to Annie's timely intervention on numerous issues,not just canine but the human ones too that can be created in situations such as ours.

Many thanks Annie (yet again).

J. C. Faulkener - Matlock

From Andi Willis

I found Annie through a friend and then looked at her website.  I instantly knew she was the one I could trust to work with Bruce and myself on our emigration from UK to Australia.  Moving a much loved pet to the other side of the world is a traumatic experience, especially if you are on the sensitive side!

Bruce is a 3 year old American Boxer, whom I “gained” third-hand, so he hasn’t arrived without isues...  Needless to say, I knew the only way for me to tackle this whole life change, was to seek out a pet communicator, who could help me out.

Ten days before departure, I lost George, my beloved 13 year old Boxer, so there was that to contend with as well.  Annie stepped into the breach and got us both through a most difficult time.

Bruce and I were flying separately but due to arrive in Perth about the same time.  Then his flight was delayed by 2 days and again Annie was brilliant, providing the reassurance and support I so desperately needed.

If you are contemplating anything like this I would encorage you to ask for Annie’s help.  Bruce would not have been so calm without it.  She was able to get him to understand that his quarantine was only temporary and he had not been abandoned.  I felt totally calm and reassured that Bruce knew what was going on.

We are now settled together, near Perth,10 minutes from the sea and with a nature reserve at the bottom of the garden, how lucky is he with his walks!

I can’t thank and recommend Annie highly enough and would like to end this testimonial with the final piece in the jigsaw.

The day before we left UK, Annie told me to look out for a white puppy who would befriend Bruce.  On our way back from a walk yesterday, we met a white puppy, a little boxer, like George was.  This puppy lives just around the corner and was desperately trying to get over our fence to play.

Thank you again.

Andi Willis - Perth, Australia