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ANIMAL CONNEXIONS ~  a programme of interconnected , interrelated ways of being, re- awakening our natural divine sensibilities, our natural awareness of how all living beings are connected, through the power and energy of love and all inspired by recognising  the power, the teaching and the straightforward help that the animals are offering  us, if we only connect to them.


ANIMAL CONNEXIONS ~  enables you to remember how to be part of something greater than yourself.  It teaches you to connect from your heart and mind to the love and insights of the animals around you.  It enhances your sensitivities to the natural world and gives you tools to move more easily through your life, for your benefit and that of the animals.


ANIMAL CONNEXIONS ~ is for you if you have ever felt lost or confused about your life; if you love animals but cannot bear the cruelty which occurs; if you would love to know how to become more of a human be-ing and less of a human do-ing; if you would like to explore and understand  your spirituality by means of connecting to the love and wisdom of animals.


ANIMAL CONNEXIONS ~ is a way to learn practical means to get in touch with your own animals, to recognise the signs and messages they are sending you;  it will increase your communication skills with them and will show you how to help them when they are unwell or unhappy, whilst  at the same time strengthening your loving connexions to all that is.


ANIMAL CONNEXIONS ~ shares with you some of the amazing and wonderful  animal insights and experiences which I have been privileged to enjoy.  Their stories are our teachers.


ANIMAL CONNEXIONS ~ is one day of your time, one day to make those connexions which will be with you for all future days.  At present  I work with one or two people at a time in order to maximise your individual connexions.

To book your place just phone  01629 735224 or 0755 1815353 or email

I look forward to helping you to the joy of ANIMAL CONNEXIONS~

Annie Marston ~ intuitive  animal healer and teacher