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The way I work combines healing for an animal's physical and emotional issues with a communication and intuitive understanding of why the animal is feeling as they are.

This understanding is so important: to be able to get to the root cause of any problem is the true remedy and brings lasting benefits for you and your animal companion.

Whichever healing option you choose be assured that your animal’s wellbeing is as vital to me, as it is to you.

OPTION 1 - £197

3 sessions of holistic healing for your pet’s physical and emotional needs, with an additional, complimentary feedback session for you.

This free, 30 minute Question and Answer session will enable you

  • to understand the significance of your animal’s current state of health
  • to enjoy a deeper, closer, more fulfilling relationship with your pet
  • to gain an insight into the nature of animal healing and communication


IN my work I am passionate about the human/ animal connexion and how this can be developed for our mutual benefit.  That is why I offer this free session to you.  The Question and Answer session will bring you much closer to not only your own  animals but bring  more clarity to your interactions with  all animals

WHEN we as humans, gain insight into the animal mind, they respond to us with joy, confidence and often a genuine sense of relief.

ONCE we are on the same wavelength, lives can be transformed.  I know this: it is my own experience, one that  I am privileged to share with you.

OPTION  2 - £97

1 session of holistic healing for your pet’s physical and emotional needs plus a 10 minute feedback session.

OPTION 3 - £247

A stand alone 60 minute  VIP Question and Answer session, just for you.  During this hour, you have the opportunity to expand your awareness of animal healing and the inter connectedness of the human and animal worlds.


Annie’s lovely way with animals and their human friends makes a big difference in all kinds of circumstances.  I can recommend this healing to anyone who loves animals deeply.”
Liz S. Derbyshire