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Connection to animals in captivity

The following message was given to me during a shamanic journey, to be passed on to all who love animals.  It is for all captive animals, whether physically or emotionally captive in any way, maybe in circuses, puppy farms,battery hens, animals who are abused or neglected in any way.

To make this connection, simply ground yourself, connect to all that is light and open your heart.

Thinking of either one species, one animal or all of them, speak to the animals from your heart.

Tell them that they are loved, that they are remembered by all who love animals.

Thank them for being with us on this planet at this time and for being instrumental in bringing about change for the better.

Now tell them that you wish each of them to experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feel of their own natural habitats.  As you do this, think of your own joy at being out in the natural world and send this feeling to the animals.  Send them the sight of clouds scudding across the sky, the feel of the wind on their backs, the sounds of birdsong, ask that they receive all that can connect them to their natural environment.

Finally, remind them that their own animal families, in spirit and on earth, love them and are always connected to them.  Now you can say a loving and temporary- goodbye.

Please repeat this communication as often as you can, daily if possible and whenever you hear of animal abuse.