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Animal Stories


One November night, I had a phone call from Bristol. The caller explained that this was an emergency and asked if I could possibly send healing to her friend’s little cat. Apparently, Gizmo, a little white cat had been run over and broken her pelvis. Although she had had emergency surgery, she was not expected to survive the night.

Of course I agreed and as soon as our conversation was over, I started work on Gizmo. Because of the urgency of her situation, I had no photograph to work from, but I had a description and held that in my mind as I concentrated on this cat recovering. I pictured her returned to normal, to playing and sleeping and washing herself, free of pain. Over the next 36 hours, I sent Gizmo healing three or four times.

Then I had another call from Bristol. Gizmo, not having been expected to survive the night, had in fact been washing herself the very next morning and was continuing to improve.

I continued sending her distance healing and she continued to recover. At Christmas I had a card from her owner, who, incidentally, was only told about what I was doing, after the event.

She told me the best news: that Gizmo was fully recovered and sent me a photo to prove it.“I wanted to tell you how my little cat, Gizmo, is now, following her distance healing. She is absolutely wonderful, running around and enjoying life. It is so good to see. Her recovery has been fantastic. Thank you again.”

Ann P. Bristol


PHOTOS of Henry, a Tibetan terrier, arrived just as I was going for a walk, so I delayed going until I’d connected to Henry.  On the walk, i was talking to Henry, and picturing him as if he were with me and not some 200 miles away.

After explaining who I was and how I was here to help him, I asked Great Spirit to connect me to Henry’s divine wellbeing.  I asked Henry if he had any pains and immediately felt a tightness in my own chest.  Then I had a picture in my mind of an inhalant at exactly the same moment that I heard buzzards mewling overhead.

I was thrilled because buzzards always bring such an uplifting energy with them and I had never heard or seen them in this particular wood.  I still couldn’t see them so I walked until I came to a clearing and there they were.  Wheeling above me, two magnificent buzzards.  I thanked them for being there and I was thankful to feel such a love and connection to them that I found myself asking again to be shown what would help Henry.

The buzzards flew away, out of sight and sound and as they did, my eyes travelled too and came to rest on the tree I was standing next to. Tears filled my eyes and I felt such gratitude, for the tree was a eucalyptus.  A large, mature eucalyptus tree in a wood, in Derbyshire, a place I had walked in countless times without seeing this tree.

Eucalyptus, a remedy for congestion.  Henry with his tight chestedness.  Perfect.

When I got home I checked in my herb dictionary before I connected to Henry again and this time was able to send him just what he needed, the healing properties of the eucalyptus, to help him, thanks to the buzzards, the tree and the loving connection which holds us and supports us all.

In June 2003, I was asked by a very anxious horse lover, if anything could be done to help her favourite horse, Oliver.

Oliver’s background was dramatic. He was born and bred as a racehorse, in Russia and when he was deemed to be of no further use, was shipped to England, for slaughter. He came to Derbyshire with many other horses where he was kept temporarily, in a field in the Peak District.

One day, Vicky, who now owns him, was walking past this field and Oliver came over to her. He did the same thing the next day and as Vicky had by then, fallen in love with him, she managed to buy him and save him from his grisly fate.  Although Vicky is a very experienced horsewoman and totally committed to Oliver’s welfare, she found that whatever she did for him, they didn’t seem to be making any progress.  Basically, when they were together, Oliver was fine, but whenever Vicky had to leave him – for work or sleep – he pined.  He wouldn’t or couldn’t eat and so his condition was not improving.  Vicky was at her wits end because she couldn’t see how to break the cycle.

I went to meet Oliver, in his stable.  When I saw him, I felt within me, the enormity of his horrendous experiences on the ship.  I felt his fear and experienced his terror and I knew that this was the area to work on, to break the power of those bad memories.

I stayed with Oliver, talking to him, acknowledging what he had been through and how he felt.  Then I changed the mental picture and explained how his life was going to be from now on: that he was completely safe, totally loved and could begin to believe this.  I explained that when Vicky had to leave him it was only through necessity, in no way was it a rejection of him.  I also worked on the energy that was in the stable, making the atmosphere light, loving and calm.

Within the week, Vicky told me that the change in Oliver was amazing.  His attitude was more relaxed and he’d started to eat again and was now eating everything she offered him.  Over the following weeks and months, Oliver has continued to put on condition, both physically and emotionally.  He is the animal he deserves to be and he and Vicky are able to enjoy each other as they should.

You could say that Oliver has proved to be a winner, once again!


After struggling for three years with my poorly horse Malley, Annie came to visit to give him a healing.  I myself by then was a bundle of nervous, exhausted energy, I had tried everything to keep him going and gave up holidays to nurse him - he was such a special friend.

Annie ran her hands over his body and communicated with him.  She told him that I loved him very much - at which moment he turned and looked straight at me, and I saw him fill with joy. 
She said that he told her that he loved me too and he had had such lovely times with me riding the hills over the past few years.  He told her that he didn't want to be sent away to the stable yard again (he went when the weather was bad) that he wanted to be at home and he needed to be inside.

After the healing his spirit perked up and he bumbled along.  We fixed up a stable for winter and spent many hours just being with him, chatting and grooming him.

The day came when unable to stand, he let us know that his time had come.  But I found it unusual that he was so happy and full of joy.  He was eating his sugarbeet from a bucket, looking round to see all that was happening, even managing to graze a little as he was sitting up, and he loved having his head scratched!  The local children came to see him and all cuddled him.  It was almost a party atmosphere, a celebration.

The vet came, a lovely young woman, and she believed that we could get him up and give him medication…  he was simply too cheerful to be so poorly.  But he was having none of it!  This was his day!  It was as if he had carefully chosen and prepared for it.

So respectful of his wishes, at 4.30pm on a bitterly cold winter's day he passed away calmly in my partner's arms.

The next day I felt very good.  Calm and collected.  A completion had been made.  I do believe that had Annie not been here to give healing, the outcome would have been very different.

Liz S.  Derbyshire


I had a call from the owner of a 15 year old German Shepherd dog, who had many problems, arthritis in her paws, a severe chewing habit which had resulted in her feet and legs being red raw and hair loss on the lefthand side of her face.  Because of her age, her owners were afraid that it might be time to let Sindy go but wanted to explore every possibility.

Although I had an idea of her condition, I was rather taken aback when I met Sindy for the first time.  Animals generally react positively to me but she growled, barked and took herself off to bed, walking very awkwardly as she went.  Sindy gave every impression of being unhappy and uncomfortable with herself.  Her coat was in poor condition, dry, thin and scurfy and the red patch on her face was quite disfiguring.

I let her settle for a few minutes before approaching her bed, then I started to speak softly to her whilst she looked at me from under raised eyebrows.  As her confidence grew, I raised my hands slowly and began to move them gently above her body, so as to detect her most vulnerable areas. The physical signs of illness are not necessarily where the greatest healing needs to take place.

I worked over her whole body, concentrating on relieving her pain and all the while talking to her in a gentle voice.  I felt the energy flowing through my hands as Sindy relaxed.  After a few minutes she got up and walked to her bed by the Rayburn, this being my signal to stop.  Animals, unlike people, don’t always observe the niceties, so when they have had enough, they vote with their feet!

In Sindy’s case, once she had settled herself again, she had a quick lick at a paw but then went to sleep, always a good sign.

Over the next fortnight, I sent her distance healing and was able to understand how she had been feeling about herself and to acknowledge this, whilst encouraging her that it was alright to change that attitude and the behaviour that went with it.

I was hoping for great things from Sindy, always bearing in mind her 15 years.  Going back to treat her two weeks later, my reception couldn’t have been different.  I was greeted at the door by a glossy coated Sindy, wagging her tail.  No growling this time.  The most wonderful thing about her appearance was her face: there was no trace of hair loss or red skin.  Her face was completely normal.  The hair on her legs is not yet fully grown but her chewing is so much reduced that she has hair on her paws once again.

Sindy is now presenting herself as a confident, happy dog and her owner is equally delighted, as she feels that Sindy has regained a quality of life which had been lost.