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About Me - Annie Marston

I love animals, all animals, all living creatures and if you are reading this, then you probably do too.  I have always been blessed with an intuitive awareness of how an animal is feeling.

If there is a difference between you and me, it is that I have developed this love to the extent that I have been able to connect to animals in different parts of the world, through the power of my heart and mind.

This connection is the means by which an animal tells me of their physical, emotional or spiritual needs. I am then able to deliver, energetically, the appropriate level of healing, for each animal.

Over the years I have been blessed to expand my intuitive ability so that each animal is able to receive precisely the level of healing, be it shamanic or angelic, that is perfect for them at that time, always, always with pure, unconditional love.

Communication is all about having an open heart, being ready to listen and establishing a relationship of mutual love and trust with each individual animal.

This loving connection also brings relief and insight to each animal’s human.

If you would like my help for an animal that you love, if you long to know what your pet is really thinking, or if you would like to expand your loving connection to animals, please go to my contacts page, or ring 0755 181 5353 for your free initial consultation.

Wherever you live your beloved animal can have the benefit of this connection.  Over the years I have worked successfully with animals all over the U.K., in Europe, New Zealand and the U.S.

Please take a look at the CONNECTION TO ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY page, which enables you to open your heart and make a real difference to abused animals.

May you and your animal companions enjoy your day.